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Thank you for checking us out, and we're excited about being able to offer you on-line support for life's trials, tribulations, and celebrations. With over 36 years of experience in Christian pastoral ministry we can help you address many issues that have been blocking your path in life or weighing down your soul!  

We specialize in Christian bible based approaches in self-image, pre and post marriage issues, grief and loss, spiritual support, chaplain services, as well as family life issues just to name a few...  

We're also different than many other social services, in that we are a religious organization, that recognizes that Jesus is the great healer and the Bible is filled with remedies for what is holding us in bondage, causing illness in our life, and for finding peace and freedom from the oppression(s) in our daily lives.  Another difference is that we need donations to support our ministry.  If you would like to make a donation please use the "donation" button to your left.

Again, thank you for checking us out, and our prayer is that you would find everything you need to live a life filled with joy, in Christ Jesus!  

Pastoral Care Services
When Life Takes A Turn...
On June 18th,2015 I have moved back to the Pacific Northwest.  I've decided to take some time off from ministery and focus on finishing my PhD.  Feel free to email and if the Lord has encouraged you to donate please use the donation buttom.  May our Lord bless you!
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